AgRecoletos initiates “Let’s Bake mga Kumare”

Chef Ronnie Guance teaching the “Maders and Kumares” the procedures of baking fruit cake.

To extend the knowledge of the “Maders and Kumares” on business start-ups and entrepreneurial mindset, AgRecoletos (School of Agriculture) organized the “Let’s Bake mga Kumare” program.

“Lets Bake mga Kumare” is an extension project of Agri-entrepreneurship class of Agrecoletos of the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos.

Chef Ronnie Guance shared his expertise in baking Christmas goodies like fruit cakes, special mammon, banana cakes, meringue, and Brazos de Mercedes.

The participants are the “maders and kumares” of RESOURCE Center in Brgy. Handumanan, Bacolod City.

This initiative is Agri-extension program in collaboration with ROLEx (Recoletos Online Learning Extension), UCDO, and College of Arts and Sciences.

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