ROLEx set to improve UNO-R Agri Program

With the aim of developing and innovating agriculture and agribusiness, a collaborative presentation for the retooling of University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos Agriculture program was held with experts from the University of the Philippines – Los Banos.

Maria Corazon Acaba, MBAH, DVM, Program Director of Recoletos Online Learning Extension (ROLEx) headed the discussion with Dr. Reuel Marte and Dr. Glenn Baticados of UPLB Technology Transfer Hub and representatives from agriculture industries, the university, the government and some families.

Picture2The group talked about the needs, requirements, expectations and insights on the local agriculture and improvement of agribusiness industries and academic programs.

A half-day seminar which tackled agribusiness and agriculture in general and the revisions of the agriculture programs offered in UNO-R were collated from the participants.

Some of the recommendations pitched were offering agribusiness courses to different markets, improving agriculture courses with the specializations and skills the local industry needs, partnerships with local government units, national offices, and also private institutions for training and application and integrating agriculture courses for senior high school curriculum.

The retooling is in line with the objective of Project ROLEx which is to incorporate the digital age in the learning programs for agriculture in UNO-R.

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