Demonstration Farm

The UNO-Recoletos demonstration farm is used primarily to demonstrate various good agricultural practices derived from research studies conducted by student researchers. with some consideration on economic gains or profit of returns to the cost of production. This demonstration farm aims to illustrate and provide hands-on training with new organic ways of farming, modern farming techniques, and new crops, and to learn useful emerging knowledge generated from these activities. This demo farm will permit students to perform the following actions:

1. To conduct scientific experiments to test the performance of new fertilizers and agricultural techniques, and examine the production performance of livestock and poultry animals.
2. To conduct efficacy trials of pesticides and other agrochemicals on test crops;
3. To conduct efficacy trials on different animal nutrients and supplements on livestock and poultry animals;
4. To ensure that experimental findings apply directly to Negros soil conditions and benefit Negros farmers through profitability and productivity financial analysis;

5. To serve as a demonstration site where local farmers can observe the performance of different test crops, poultry and swine treatments and techniques under controlled conditions.

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