A Glimpse of ARL Gamefowl Farm

If you’re looking for a model gamefowl farm, the ARL Farm is one of the best options for you.

ARL stands for the initials of Arturo R. Lopez, the man behind the haven of feathers. It took Mr. Lopez about 13 years to make his gamefowl business what it is today, having to start from scratch and learn the craft of fowl breeding by himself.

While the Game fowl industry is infamous for its gambling, Mr. Lopez only sticks to its breeding aspect — as he has always been so passionate about game fowl ever since he was a child.

Today, ARL Gamefowl Farm produces around 3,000 chickens with buyers from as far as Malaysia and Indonesia traveling all the way to the Philippines to purchase his breeds.


The White Hatch breed is ARL’s signature bloodline, created by Arturo Lopez.
● Speed
● Power
● Endurance
● gameness
Sweater (Larry Romero, Dink Fair)
● Attributes:
● not so stylish
● runs towards opponent
● very powerful
● very game
Lacy Roundhead (Ray Alexander)
● Smart
● Agile
● Accurate
● not so game
● has style
Kelso (Dink Kelso)
● Stylish
● almost identical with Lacy Roundheads but has more game
Black Mel Sims (Mel Sims)
can fly high
can turn in the wind

Gilmore Hatch
● Attributes:
● very game

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