Agrecoletos Performed Prayer Dance for 100% Passing Rate on Licensure Examination for Agriculture (LEA) takers

Agriculture students joined hands in a circle dance as a form of prayer to storm heaven for 100% passing rate of alumni taking the Licensure Examination for Agriculture (LEA)  given last July 26,27 & 28,2018 in Iloilo City.

Their prayers were answered when the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) released the LEA results stating that all of the UNO-Recoletos LEA takers have passed the exam.  The successful LEA passers are:

  1. Baribar, Arete D.
  2. Lobaton, Elizabeth B.
  3. Curio, Mariel
  4. Ruiz, Frances
  5. Natan, Chris Ann
  6. Repique, Rodrian
  7. Juarana, Ryan
  8. Ibanez, Rex
  9. Moreno, Precious

The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Annabee M. Claur, Agrecoletos faculty, and studentry also prayed for peace, prosperity, and harmony to dwell in UNO-R  farm Department. They interceded  St. Ezekiel Moreno to bless the successful implementation of project Recoletos Online Learning Extension (ROLEx).

The prayer dance steps were in a distinctive form of holding hands together with the raising and swaying of arms, seeking connection with the trees and outdoor settings of the agriculture farm area. The dance consists of four beats of movement, alternating with four rhythms of swaying in place — this known as elm dance as taught and presided by the campus ministry staff.

Agriculture prayer Dancers had to make circle moves counterclockwise (to the right). Always begin with the right foot. Start by taking four steps backward (to the right). After four beats of swaying in place, the next four measures are facing forward, still moving counter clock-wise. Then, after the next four beats of swinging in place, dancers move four steps toward the center of the circle, raising their arms high and unlinking hands so they can wave like boughs of a tree. Dancers sway for four beats, then move four steps back from the center and continue in this fashion until the music breaks midway.


Before the music resumes, the leader reminded the dancers that throughout the second half of the dance they could call out by the name of those for which they desire healing and special prayers.

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