AgRecoletos family pays tribute to graduates, parents

It has been a tradition in the School of Agriculture to pay tributes to the graduating students and their parents every year.

This year, the graduating students prepared some surprise tokens and performance for their teachers and parents.

Ludy Marie Batobatan, president of the Agriculture Student Council, said in her speech that she is grateful to have a loving and understanding faculty members, schoolmates, and friends.

“We may have shortcomings and misunderstandings but these will not hinder us to unite and make every activities a successful one,” Batobatan said.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Area Coordinator Ma. Corazon Acaba, DVM of UNO-Recoletos encouraged the graduating students to be more serious in their future and make UNO-Recoletos community proud

“This is it! The long wait is over! We are going to graduate! Your ‘pinalangga’ is going to graduate very soon,” Batobatan’s message to their parents.

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