Agri students attend Retreat 2019

“Leave behind what you’re used to and take a rest even just for a day.”

As part of their obligations before they can graduate, graduating students of AgRecoletos participated in the Retreat 2019 with the theme the same as the “Year of the Youth 2019”: “Filipino Youth in Mission: Beloved. Gifted. Empowered.”

The graduating students for these months of March and October attended the retreat facilitated by the Campus Ministry Office, at the CICM Maryshore Bukal ng Tipan Mission Center, Talisay City.

Moreover, a lot of activities have been prepared like the counting of blessings, reflection and meditation, small and big group sharing, and praying, among others.

The AgRecoletos were joined together with the Departments of MassComm and Social Works.

In the retreat, the facilitators explained the logo of the “Year of the Youth 2019”.

Photo was taken from

For the detailed information about the logo, click here.

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