ROLEx holds training-workshop on e-Learning Methodologies

Recoletos Online Learning Extension (ROLEx) held a Training-workshop on E-Learning Methodologies, Sept. 12-13 at the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos.

“To learn different e-learning methodologies that will effectively enhance the learning abilities specifically for agriculture students,” Chairperson of ROLEx Training Program Armigenia Benedicto, Ph.D. said.

The two-day free training-workshop was attended by invited partner schools and farms of ROLEx, an e-learning for Agriculture Education.

The partner schools and farms present in the event were, La Carlota City College, Central Philippines Adventist College, Catholic Ming Yuan
Peace Pond, Grace Farm, Faith Farms, and some part-time faculty members.

The training in day one included “Moodle Functions and Features”, “Creation anf Registration of Users”, and “Management of Courses and Categories”, among others.

Moreover, Benedicto said that the other objective of the training-workshop is “to cascade the e-learning methodologies to other schools offering agriculture courses for them to enhance their teaching ability through this approach.”

The day two of the event was wrapped up with the outputs of the participants using the e-Learning methodologies they learned during day one.

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Also,, the agricultural education studies exchange portal has been launched.

The available courses in AgReDx are Sugarcane Production, Organic Agriculture, Project Study and Development, Plant Pathology, Organic and Natural Farming, Strategic Management, Soil Science, Introduction to Language Interpretation, and Poultry Health.

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