Blessing Rites of Agri Recoletos Knowledge Innovation and Incubation Hubs

The UNO-R Vice President for Academic Affairs, Rev. Fr. Jose Alden, OAR, led the blessing rites of the Knowledge Incubation Hub in the UNO-Recoletos Agriculture Building last January 10, 2020. Dr. Annabee M. Claur, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, led the ceremonial cutting of ribbons together with several members of the UNO-R community. The agriculture students are grateful for the support of CHED IDIG and UNO-Recoletos by making their educational journey relevant and promoting knowledge development and preservation. TheCHED Institutional Development and Innovation Grant (IDIG)  funded this newly established Knowledge Incubation Hub with  the Internet  connectivity, hardware Infrastructures while UNO-R  provides the building facilities , amenities and  thirty units of desktop computers . The aim of establishing Knowledge Innovation and Incubation Hubs is to provide conducive digital spaces for students and mentors. At the same time,  generate new knowledge while conducting research, benchmarking, or bringing in partner farm owners or agri-entrepreneurs scientists whose interactions with the UNO-R agriculture community can ignite creativity and scientific breakthroughs.

Nurturing this kind of knowledge management is essential in maintaining the Agri Recoletos core capabilities. Those unique innovations — With proper mentoring, whether in marketing, operations, finance, technology, crop protection, or other areas — these are easily acquired by learning agriculture students.

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