COVID-19 Story: Charity Starts at Home

An insight on COVID-19 by Miss Irish Macainan, ABE

A thing that begins at home and usually stays there attracts to what we believe “charity”. People in need of it tend to be filled with love and joy as they feel important in every small thing that one can give.

Overwhelming, it is, but as we face an inevitable pandemic, a serious crisis all over the world tends to happen in no time. Are there hopes in every hopeless faith? Are there good hearts for good people? 

AgRecoletos says, YES!

There is hope. There is charity despite this serious pandemic.

With the unity that binds the family in the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos, School of Agriculture, giving in times of need with the faculty and staff means a charity to begin.

Genuine smiles, warm welcomes, and thoughts of missing the bond with each other are what we had in return after blessings were shared with the family.

It was impossible for some, but with the risk that we took, the fear that we faced, and the spirit of giving that we had, we are beyond blessed to make this happen.

Nothing can stop a good heart from sharing because small or big things, whatever it is – if it comes from the heart – it could mean a lot to someone.

If we care enough for other people, how much more to them that we call “our home”?

As enhanced community quarantine continues in the city, we will also continue to help each other. That way, we can show that in times like this, we remain united, keeping the faith with each other in prayers and deeds because nothing is more important than a family. 

Engr. Irish Macainan is a faculty member of the School of Agriculture at UNO-Recoletos. She is also working at the Sugar Regulatory Administration in Negros Occidental.

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