COVID-19 Story: Treasures during this Pandemic

An insight in COVID-19 by Rommie Ravinne Gene Celebrado

COVID-19 is the Earth’s hope since the modern-day for her time of healing against the abuse of human activities that make it impossible to renew its natural beauty.

Earth is healing itself.

Corona has affected us but cured our nature. Indeed history repeats itself. The pandemic outbreaks are not new to the human race.

Generally, the world faced many kinds of a pandemic that killed millions, but still, the world conquers it. The history gave us an assurance that the COVID-19 or any pandemic can be conquered once again, and today’s story is a story worth telling to our children and our coming generations.

In these troubled times, I noticed that most people who don’t panic in terms of necessities when all the resources are out are those people who prepared themselves for the future emergency. These circumstances taught me personally a lesson of a lifetime.

First is to be self-reliant. Being self-sufficient helps me prepare to endure any challenges and can help others need. Emergency preparedness helped me and it will help families to survive during this crisis.

Second, I’ve learned to help others in need. During this pandemic, I was able to extend my service through our church by repacking and distributing goods to those who need.

It may be a small act of service, but through this, I felt that I achieved and fulfilled something as they express their gratitude towards us.

The pandemic breaks the barrier in each individual to be united in conquering this pandemic.

Third, we need our government for community assistance. I’ve also learned to follow to stay home and follow social distancing not to be a carrier of the virus.

I sometimes complain of boredom, but thinking that we have our “front-liners” sacrificing themselves for our country, I don’t have any reason to violate the community quarantine. Instead, I’m praying for a solution, protection, and relief.

Lastly, people started to realize that the things that matter most aren’t luxuries, neither the fancy stuff but home and food. A home is where we can find our real treasure. A long span of community quarantine helped families to be united and to value the time they have together.

I’ve seen different kinds of social media posts, sharing how each family had fun activities. As for my experience, I have the opportunity to make a new habit. I was able to create my own vegetable garden.

Throughout the quarantine, the vegetables grew. I also am growing as a student and, most importantly, as a person. I was able to apply the learning I received from Agriculture.

 “Our war with COVID-19 is a solemn reminder that a virus 1,000 times smaller than a grain of sand can bring entire populations and global economies to their knees. We pray for those who have lost loved ones in this modern plague, as well as for those who are currently infected or at risk. When we have conquered this —and we will —may we be equally committed to freeing the world from the virus of hunger, freeing neighborhoods and nations from the virus of poverty.”

– Jeffrey R. Holland 

Rommie Ravinne Gene Celebrado is a second-year student of the School of Agriculture, UNO-Recoletos. Rommie is taking Bachelor of Science in Agriculture major in Crop Science.

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