COVID-19 Story: Making Good Memories

A insight on COVID-19 by Erika Romay

The world today is facing a huge problem that affects the lives of every people. The COVID-19 pandemic is not a joke because not only human beings suffer a lot, but also the animals, as well.

This virus will ruin the lives of every people. Also, it affects the economy and the jobs of every individual because they don’t know where to find safe food to eat and provide the needs of the family.Also, it could be the cause of the starving of others. The relief goods that came from the government are not enough, and it will not last for many days. It is hard to go outside and to buy some essential goods because of this pandemic.
People need to follow the government order that we need to do quarantine. This practice can help to minimize the spreading of the virus. Still, some people violate this practice. Instead of reducing the spread of the virus, it makes the problem worse.

Although we can’t go outside and do whatever we want to do, my family and I make a good bonding that, despite the happening in our world, we find a lot of things to do in our home and make good memories.

This pandemic keeps us to be more reliable and even closer with each other because usually, we don’t have time to gather and enjoy.

Still, this time we have a lot of time to talk and communicate with each other, also we keep our faith to God to be stronger, praying that this pandemic would end immediately, and the spreading of the virus will stop. It is sad to see that some people are not following the rules that could make the problem worse.

People are fighting for food and money that they forgot that we need to unite this time because this virus kills a lot of people. All of us need to discipline ourselves to make our country safe. Stop all the fights and do what the right thing to do.

I am hoping that people will not lose their hope. I hope the problem will end soon and hoping that people keep to be strong and to strengthen their faith to God because God has a purpose and plans for us we only need to be strong and to believe in Him.

Erika Romay is a second year student of the School of Agriculture, UNO-Recoletos. Erika is majoring in Crop Science.

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