3R Integrated Organic Farm

In an inner and serene place in San Carlos City, one can find an area venturing into livestock production. When it started as a livestock-based farm, its name was coined from the first letter of the names Romeo, Rose, and Renzy, the family owners. After Dr. Romeo Agraviador, a Medical Doctor, became an advocate and practitioner of organic farming, 3R now refers to Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle.

His area started with raising dairy carabao where he gets fresh milk and pasteurized or made into pastillas. Later, it became a diversified and integrated organic farm that adopts the different organic farming technologies on organic vegetable production, organic coffee production, organic chicken and duck production, fruit trees production, and agro-forestry.

Even with his busy schedule as a practicing doctor of the local government unit of San Carlos City, Dr. Agraviador takes time to attend seminars and pieces of training on organic farming due to his passion for agriculture. This is because his experiences in chemical farming destroyed his soil, reduced production of his crops, and burdened him with expensive chemical inputs. As a person with a passion for agriculture, he attended different pieces of training on organic crop and livestock production and put into practice the knowledge and learnings he gained from such pieces of training and seminars, which later improved his farm.

Since the time he started organic farming, he was able to coordinate and collaborate with the local government units in agriculture, government line agencies, academe, and even with other organic farming groups. This had opened opportunities for him to avail assistance that improved and further developed his farm.

Dr. Romy also had a compassionate heart for his fellow farmers living near his farm who do not have the financial capability to improve their farming system. He shared with them the assistance and knowledge he gained from his coordination and collaboration with the different agencies for them to also improve their way of life.  Relative to this, he also organized and made them his partners in the development of their farming system.

His close coordination with the Agricultural Training Institute, Department of Agriculture (ATI-DA) Region 6, and upon indorsement of the LGU of San Carlos City Agriculture Office, his farm was accredited as one of the Learning Sites of ATI. Because of his passion for this kind of advocacy and practice, he was also awarded by the provincial government of Negros Occidental.   

Today, Dr. Agraviador gained advancement not only as a Medical Doctor but as a practitioner of organic farming that helped not only his family but also his community as he continues to influence acquaintances and friends to go organic farming for good health and protection of the environment.

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