AgRecoletos holds first online orientation for Summer Class

University President Rev. Fr. Don Besana witnessed the first online orientation of the School of Agriculture as UNO-Recoletos kicked off the first day of Summer Class 2020, June 17.

Fr. Besana surprisingly visited the AgRecoletos area and said the School of Agriculture is ready to answer the call for blended learning, especially in this time of new normal.

With the facilities and equipment already prepared for online learning set-up as funded by the Commission on Higher Education IDIG through the project ROLEx (Recoletos Online LEarning Extension), AgRecoletos came equipped to cater education in this time of the pandemic.

“You’re so blessed as this is the first online class in UNO-Recoletos and Father President visited us and was amazed at how we handle blended learning,” Agriculture Program Head Ma. Corazon Acaba, DVM MBAH, said to the students under the PRACUM23P class.

Acaba said that the School of Agriculture program is the first to conduct summer class in UNO-Recoletos because of the preparation ahead of time of new normal.

“Be reminded you have to carry on the Recoletos values. You have to work hard and achieve the inputs required in PRACUM23P,” Acaba’s message to the students.

Agriculture Program head Ma . Corazon Acaba, DVM, MBAH supervising and monitoring the first online orientation of PRACUM23P

PRACUM23P, supervised by Armigenia Benedicto, Ph.D., is the “On-the-job Training Farm Practice” course for Agriculture program in UNO-Recoletos.

“We cannot anymore go to the old normal. This is partly an adjustment in the new normal. We need to do blended learning for the benefits of the students to continue learning,” Benedicto said.

Agriculture Faculty Armigenia Benedicto, Ph.D. orienting the students under the PRACUM23P class

She added that “we need to rise above the challenge. One of the strategies is blended learning so that the students can continue learning.”

The students are in their respective homes and enjoyed their experience of online orientation to cope up with this new normal.

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