Cross-enrolling Students

In general, cross-enrollment is discouraged. However, for valid reason/s and subject to the condition/s set by the University, students may be permitted to cross-enroll in another school. Cross-enrollees are those who are enrolled simultaneously in two (2) schools with the approval of the Registrar upon the recommendation of the dean of their college.

Cross-enrollment in other schools during summer

Students in the University may enroll in other schools during summer provided that:

  • they have a summer permit issued by the Registrar upon prior recommendation of the dean;
  • such school is authorized by CHED to operate;
  • the maximum number of units is nine (9); and
  • the course is not a professional course.

Cross-enrollment to other schools

Enrollees of the university are allowed to cross-enroll to other schools during the regular semesters provided that they meet the following requirements/ conditions:

  • the course/s is/are not offered in the University;
  • they are graduating during the academic year;
  • the total number of units enrolled including the cross-enrolled units does not exceed the maximum allowable units in the semester;
  • the course is not a professional course;
  • they pay the registration fee prescribed by UNO-R; and
  • the course description of the subject taken in the host school is similar to that of the mother school.

Cross-enrollees from other schools

Cross-enrollees from other schools may be admitted provided that:

  • they submit the Cross-Enrollment Permit duly signed by the Registrar of the school where they are officially enrolled to the Office of the Registrar of the University;
  • they submit the filled out Student Information Sheet to the Office of the Registrar; they pay their tuition and other fees in full;

*Cross-enrollees must apply for ID at the DSA office.

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