Transferring Students

Transfer students are those who have enrolled in college (leading to a BS degree) or technical course in other schools and wish to enroll in the University. All types of scholars must secure clearance/discount from the Scholarship office before proceeding to the Accounting Office. Incoming students who would want to enroll in the College of Nursing, must secure admission slip from the said College before taking the entrance test.

1. COLLEGE – Student presents photocopy of 1 Transcript of Records. The College Dean evaluates student’s performance from the previous schools, conducts interview and recommends student for admission.

2. DSA – Student submits a handwritten letter addressed to the University President stating reason(s) for transfer, Certificate of Good Moral Character (original copy) and other non-academic records for verification, after which, he/she is interviewed and gets recommendation for testing.

3. SDPC – Student presents the DSA’s recommendation for testing and the testing fee receipt from the Accounting Office and submits 1 passport size ID picture with name tag. Student takes College Admission Test (CAT).

4. REGISTRAR – Student submits 1 passport size Picture with name tag and original copies of Transcript of Records (TOR), Certificate of Transfer Credential (CTC), NCAE result (if available) and NSO Birth Certificate. Student fills out Student Information Sheet (SIS).

5. ACCOUNTING OFFICE – Student pays the initial payment of P1, 500.00/partial payment and the mandatory fees such as TS fee, UNORSSGO membership fee and College Council fees. Student receives Official Receipt (OR);

6. COLLEGE – Student submits SDPC test result (original and 1 photocopy) and 2 passport size pictures with name tag. Department head evaluates student’s load. Enrollment officer encodes student’s enrollment details. Student receives hard copy of enrolment form.

7. DSA – Student applies for student identification card. In accrediting the courses taken from other schools, the following must be considered:

  • Grades
  • Course description
  • School where the courses were taken


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