Faith Farm

As its name implies, Faith Farm grew and progress of what it is today because of faith and passion of a veterinary doctor who dared to venture into a business totally different from their family-owned business which is poultry production.  With a very minimal resources but with a big faith in his heart, he started with a 10 sow-level. Though he is a veterinarian, he has less knowledge and experience on how to proceed with swine business and he encountered so many challenges along the way which taught him lessons to improve in this endeavor.

           The mission and vision of Faith Farm is “Excellence for God’s Glory” which they visibly posted in their stores for the information of the consuming public. The main objective of this farm is to provide high quality pork to their customers.  The advantage of Faith Farm over other swine business is that they have taken hold every step of the value chain of swine production ensuring high quality of their products when it reaches the consuming public at affordable cost.

         With enough manpower and available facilities, they breed and raise their own swine with a readily formulated feeds they too produced. They do the slaughtering/ butchering, slicing, packing and cold storage of their products and deliver the same to their respective market outlets also owned by Faith Farm.

                They adopted technologies geared towards efficiency because according to Dr. Taala whether you are in livestock or poultry operation, efficiency is the name of the game. He further opined that one must be efficient, otherwise you will be eliminated from the game. Only the efficient ones, according to him, will prevail in this business. For him, this is more than just a business where money and labor are the essentials, but what is truly invested here is sweat, dedication and a great passion to do it.

             Today, Faith Farm already houses over 4,000 sows which only started from a veterinary doctor’s passion and a leap of faith. Moreover, this farm is now considered as one of the largest pork meat producers in Negros Occidental. 

           This passionate swine grower – Dr. Rodney Taala laid the foundation of this business as his legacy to leave behind which he hoped his daughter also named “Faith” will continue in the near future.

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