First-year students exempt from final exams

To encourage students to study harder amid the pandemic, the Introduction to Animal Science (INTANS13G) section F01 class has exempted some students from the final examinations.

Students who garnered a combined percentage score of 85 and above during the final (Phase 1) and midterm (Phase 2) examinations will no longer have to take the final examination in Phase 2, November 7.

The students exempted from taking the final examination are Guia May Nierves, Nephi Laurence Ejusa, and Joe Lois Nierves, all from Business Agriculture Technology scholars Batch 1. Bachelor of Science Agriculture students exempted from taking the exam are Anna Mae Poblacion, Nathaniel John Bermejo, Vincent Dominic Ade Perocho, and Pre-Veterinary student Julie Yip.

The rest of the students under the INTANS13G class will take the final examinations today, November 7, at 1 p.m.

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