To inspect and verify the different hands-on component activities conducted in the field as required in the laboratory of Organic Agriculture (OAGRIG13G) and Soil Fertility (SOIFER23G) subjects, the second-year students of the School of Agriculture, UNO-Recoletos, were visited by their professor, December 7-11.

OAGRIG13G and SOIFER23G Adviser Armigenia Benedicto, Ph.D., led the inspection of her students’ laboratory activities.

The four-day field visit also prepares the students for their Organic Agriculture Production NC II qualification by TESDA.

Despite the long-distance and unrepaired pathways, Dr. Benedicto managed to visit her students living from Municipalities of Calatrava, Manapla, Murcia, Isabela, and Cities Bacolod and Talisay.

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