Dairy for Life: a Story of Agri-Inspiration

Sir Elmor Juanitas is an alumnus of the School of Agriculture of the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos. He’s from Brgy. Minuyan, Murcia.

Sir Juanitas graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Major in Agribusiness degree in 1999. After finishing his studies in UNO-R, he volunteered in Don Bosco Parish, Mambukal. With his family farm, he started practicing the theories he learned in the School of Agriculture.

In 2000, he went to Japan and was trained for the production of cut flowers.

Years later, he continued his journey in New Zealand in 2012. He first worked there as a farmworker on a dairy farm. Because of his dedication to work and passion for agriculture, he was promoted to a higher position.
Currently, Sir Elmor Juanitas is the farm manager in one of the dairy farms in New Zealand.

“Agriculture is a lifetime job,” Sir Elmor said. he believes that “Agriculture is a way of life.”

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