UNO-Recoletos President officiates “Misa de Gracia for AgRecoletos”

To celebrate the successes and blessings and give thanks to God, The UNO-Recoletos School of Agriculture attended the ‘Misa de Gracia for AgRecoletos” at the Earth Chapel on April 26.

Rev. Fr. Don H. Besana, OAR, University President, officiated the thanksgiving mass.

The mass is intended for the blessings and achievements received by the School of Agriculture, like the winning research papers about “PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF EGGS FROM LAYER CHICKEN FED WITH MARIGOLD (Tagetes erecta)” and “The Efficacy of Ipil-ipil pods (Leaucaena leococephala) as Anthelmintic to Native Pigs”.

Moreover, the School of Agriculture is thankful for the KAYA loan granted to six UNO-Rians by the Department of Agriculture and the birthday of the Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, Annabee Claur, Ph.D..

The thanksgiving was live via the Facebook page of Heart Media Production and was attended online by the students and faculty of the School of Agriculture.

Safety and health protocols were observed during the said mass. The attendees only gathered for photo-op purposes.

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