“LALAUMAN,” a short film of the Agrecoletos placed second during the College of Arts and Sciences Film Fest with the theme “Ang Laragway sang Paglaum kag Sakripisyo” last April 21, 2022. The short film entry also won as best poster.

According to James Patrick Laporno, the event allowed him to see the creativity and talent of his fellow Agriculture students when it comes to filmmaking. “The agriculture sector has been experiencing a lot of struggles and that is what we want to highlight in order for the community to be aware. The award is just a bonus to us because what we are really rooting for is the message to be disseminated. In behalf of the whole production team, I want to thank our Department head, Dr. Ma. Corazon Acaba for her utmost efforts, and all the people who supported our journey,” Laporno added.

Lead Kimberly Jingco shares her thoughts about the film, “The event provided me with valuable experiences and enabled me to explore my hidden acting abilities. And, as the story’s main character, I’m encouraged to do my best. It was a challenge to portray many character situations, but it allowed me to release all my personal feelings, which relieved my stress. Participating in the event boosted my self-esteem, improved my teamwork mentality, and enhanced my communication abilities.”

Laporno and Yna Marie Sanglap directed, wrote, and edited the film, starring Kimberly Jingco, along with Eugene Ceasar Dinero, Selwyn Roberth Bilbao, Josie Faye Fernandez, Rb Michael Camalon, Vince Milvic Soberano, Jienybel Tiangson and Jerryboy de Lara. The directors also took part in the acting of the film.

Written by Selwyn Roberth Bilbao


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