Mr. Christian Theo G. Acaba was awarded as the Best Conference Paper in the Agriculture and Fisheries Education Track- MSA.

Acaba’s study on “Dairy Cattle Industry: Socio-demographic Profile, Management Practice and Level of Mastitis infection in backyard and Commercial Raising” gained its recognition during the 3rd International Research Colloquium of NONESCOST with the Theme “Upholding the Integrity of research Publication: A Research Capability Enhancement.”

The study determined the socio-demographic profile of backyard and commercial Cattle Raiser farmers in our province, Negros Occidental; measured the incidence of mastitis infection among the different dairy farms based on previously reported clinical mastitis cases for each dairy farm; Gathered the records of dairy farm management practices employed as cause for incidence of mastitis infection; and correlated the management practices on the prevalence of mastitis in the dairy farm.

Written by Yna Marie Sanglap

Photo Courtesy: Christian Theo Acaba


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