TESDA Assessment

Technical Education And Skills Development Authority(TESDA) held an assessment at UNO – R School of Agriculture last April 29.

TESDA representatives inspected the tools, materials, equipment and facilities of AgRecoletos to evaluate if they are ready to be an assessment center for Agricultural Crops Production NC I, Agricultural Crops Production NC II, and Animal Production (Swine) NC II.

AgRecoletos staff Mariel Curio stated in the interview that this assessment center will showcase the quality of education/training the department has to offer and the nice ambience of the environment that it fosters. “As a young adult who just became a real employee for the first time, the event helped me develop my character as a professional. It also made me realize how far you can go with just a bit of teamwork and cooperation, most especially in important events like these,” she added.

TESDA has been formulating strategies and programs since 1994 with the aim of accomplishing its multi – pronged mission.

Written by: James Patrick Laporno

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