Start of PRACUM 2022

Face-to-face classes are back with UNO – R School of Agriculture PRACUM13W and PRACUM23W students.

Sixteen freshmen, eight sophomores, and a brave soul from juniors started the 240 hours of practicum activities in the AgRecoletos field. The PRACUM23W started today, June 20, 2022, and will last until July 25, 2022.

During the orientation, words of motivation were uttered by the course instructor Mr. Manuel Cortez, “Indi ko ini pag idalok sainyo”. Pertaining to the knowledge and skills he is willing to share and teach the students under his supervision. Cortez worked as farm manager, consultant and landscaper.

Furthermore, AgRecoletos faculty including Doc Paulino Oñal, Doc Francis Besa and Sir Floro Raymundo were also in attendance for the start of the practicum.

Written by Nathaniel John Bermejo

Photos by: Jienybel Tiangson and Eugene Lobaton

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