Agrecoletos faculty, PRACUM13w and 23w students together with 5 ARCORES International Volunteers from Spain went to the University’s “Recoletos Eco Park” located in Purok Manihan, Barangay Bunga, Don Salvador Benedicto to visit and plant pineapple crowns.

ARCORES International Staff Mely Flores discussed and explained the overview of the area and its proposed projects. Flores also stated that facilities will be built to prepare the ecopark for institutional activities.

ARCORES Volunteers from Spain joined the First year students of Agrecoletos in their pineapple crown planting along the hills under the supervision of Mr. Manuel Cortez. On the other hand, 2nd year Agriculture students had their soil sampling within the proximity of a 3 hectare-land. Dr. Armigenia Benedicto spearheaded the process on how to take the soil to be tested and the Do’s/Don’ts in acquiring a sample. While, Dr. Paulino Oñal Jr. led the way to where the sample will be taken.

“In behalf of the Agriculture Society, we pledge to invest our hardwork and commitment in scaping the lands in the way that it will serve its purpose”, Agriculture Society President James Patrick Laporno stated.

“We will live up to our Motto, “Caritas et Scientia”, utilizing and extending research and knowledge so that we will be able to keep up to the technology advancements benefitting the participants present here and also the future generations,” Laporno added.

The overall experience was able to provide a beneficial impact for the students where they are able to be immersed in the actual approach on how Agricultural things work in reality. Through this kind of activity, student enrichment and learning will continue, thus producing well equipped and competent Rekoleto Agriculturists.

Written by: Anna Mae Poblacion

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