UNO – R School of Agriculture together with it’s Society made their first Outreach program at Purok Libertad Dos, Brgy. Damsite, Municipality of Murcia, July 29.

Despite the bad weather, students together with Doc. Paulino Oñal Jr. traveled to the outreach area to extend it’s Urban Gardening Community Challenge. Different Soil Medium, Proper Bagging and Proper Transplanting of seedlings from seed tray to the Plastic Bag were taught by the students of AgRecoletos. Children and Parents from Libertad Dos were also given the chance to engage in a hands – on practice.

Questions from the locals were also catered in an open forum from Doc Oñal. Oñal also highlighted the importance of Urban Gardening, Agriculture and Sustainability especially when facing the threats of global challenges.

“The Team is pleased to see that the people from Libertad Dos are eager to learn about Agriculture, making us want to extend more of our projects to them,” Agriculture Society President James Laporno said. “We hope that what we have left here will flourish and bear fruit, given the potential that this community has,” Laporno added.

Written by: Vincent Dominic Ade Perocho


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