First year and Second year students of AgRecoletos finished their 240 hours PRACUM Farm Operation Practice, July 26.

Certificates of completion was awarded to 29 AgRecoletos students for successfully completing the course.

Dr. Paulino, Oñal Jr., Ph. D gave a talk on “Transformational Leadership and Developing Critical Thinking of UNOR Agri students through Research and Extension Works”.

Oñal stated that the students must put importance on research that if done properly, the results can be extended. “Our extension is not just noodles, our extension is knowledge and technology transfer,” Oñal added.

A Turning over of the project to the department was commenced by the PRACUM advisers before the close of the culmination. A huge rock was placed by the PRACUM students symbolizing the seal of complete transfer.

Written by: James Patrick Laporno


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