Alumnus and Student of AgRecoletos are two of the 80 Provincial Level Awardees of this year’s YFC.

Aleksan Maikro Patricio, a student of the UNO – R School of Agriculture was one of the 80 Provincial level awardees of the Young Farmers Challenge 2022 along with Jessan Cabunsol, an alumnus of the program.

Encouraging people to engage in food sustainability and food security is the reason why Patricio decided to join YFC with Cabunsol. They have a partnership business named Aleksan and Jessan Aquaponics and Greens(AJA&G) that produces vegetables and provides services to the people who want to engage in a sustainable form of farming.

“Through this YFC, we can help communities especially those living in urban cities to practice growing or producing naturally grown vegetables and greens (no use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers) just like what we do in AJA&G, ” Patricio stated.”

Patricio hopes that this milestone will inspire other youth to pursue sustainable agriculture and now, focuses on promoting their business.

You may support them by liking their agri-fishery enterprise AJA&G Facebook page through this link: .

Written by: James Patrick Laporno

Photos by: Young Farmers Challenge – Western Visayas



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