The CABACS Council and the Agriculture Society of the College of Arts and Sciences started the first phase of their Agri – Business Partnership Project, August 19.

In order to mitigate the challenge of food scarcity and promote the concept of sustainability, the organizations thought of merging the courses’ expertise.

CABACS governor Jessel V. Noble and Agriculture Society President James Patrick Laporno spearheaded the activity with the support of their respective departments.

The Urban Gardening Community Challenge of the Agriculture Program will be utilized in this project and will further be modified with the CABACS council’s knowledge enrichment on Financial literacy. This will not only provide food on the tables but also a potential source of income to the beneficiaries.

Clearing operations and crop planting was initiated at the AgRecoletos Urban Gardens serving as an output for the project. The concept will then be extended to the CABACS’s adopted community, Brgy. Cabugwason and its population.

Further details about the project will soon be posted. Stay tuned on the CABACS and Agriculture pages for the updates!!!

Written by: James Patrick V. Laporno

Photos by: Jessel V. Noble

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