A Freshmen in his senior primetime is ready for A. Y 2022 – 2023.

Michael Razon Estacio, 64, is one of the 30 and counting freshmen of the UNO – R School of Agriculture. Estacio started engaging in Agriculture since he was 34 years old. Despite his current status being a freshmen, Estacio is no amateur when it comes to Agriculture. He has been very active in the field, having raised different crops like orchids, vegetables, medicinal marijuana, and perhaps many more. Additionally, he did all of these in USA, a country which has advanced Agricultural technology.

According to Estacio the reason why he joined Agriculture is that he wants to get into the science behind planting and food security.

“I’ll always be a student in life. If I have time, I study because I know what I don’t know”, Estacio added.

Not only does he have years of experience and acquired knowledge, but he is also very friendly and approachable. Most of all, Estacio is a great model for his classmates, and everyone is excited on how this schoolyear will unfold.

Don’t think you’re already too late to learn. Enroll now at UNO -R School of Agriculture!!!

Written by: Emmanuel Jacob Montesa

Photos by: James Patrick Laporno



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