United as one, the College of Arts and Sciences, Agriculture students and faculties celebrated its annual “Agri Day: Fiesta sa Uma” with the theme “Agriculture: Bringing Growth, Ingenuity and Bridging Gaps” which takes the Day 1 celebration at the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos, School of Agriculture.

Along with this, students and faculties celebrated the Day 1 event with activities prepared by the Agriculture Society spearheaded by the Society President, James Patrick Laporno. The event started with a Holy Rosary and a Welcoming of Mary to the School of Agriculture. Then, followed by the ribbon cutting led by Dr. Francis Besa and the event sponsors, Love Feeds.

The day event was full of blast, followed by a Sportsfest which takes part in Volleyball Competition and Basketball Liga.

The Business Agriculture Technology (BAT) slammed the Volleyball Competition against BSA 4th Year students. Correspondingly, BSA 1st Year students also took place and hailed Champion in the Basketball Liga.

The day event has come to an end as the Aggies had fun with their Color Splash activity. Continuation of the event will be on October 15, 2022 for the Alumni Homecoming wherein a Student Vs. Alumni Liga and Kamustahanay will commence.

The Aggies would like to thank all the people that supported this event, including our very own Department Head, Ma. Corazon Acaba, DVM, MBAH, and our very supportive Dean, Dean Annabee Magbanua- Claur, Ph.D.

We are delighted that this activity became remarkable as we enjoyed and relished the said event.

Written by: April Therese Montuya

Photos by: BSA and BAT

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