NInety-nine (99) Business Agriculture Technology (BAT) scholars successfully passed the Animal Production (Poultry-Chicken) NC II and Organic Agriculture Production NC II National Competency Assessment.

Four(4) batches of BAT scholars took the National Competency assessments last

September 26 – 27, and October 3-5, 2022. Batch 1 and 2 consisting of Forty nine(49) students in total took the Organic Agriculture Production NCII in Provincial Training Center ( PTC) – Cadiz City.

Additionally, Batch 3 and 4 consisting of Fifty (50 students) took the Animal Production (Poultry – Chicken) NCII at MDM – Sagay College, Inc.

BAT Scholars are competent enough to pass the assessments with the guidance of their professors, Ma. Corazon Acaba, DVM, MBAH and Rowena Sarsua, teaching Animal Science – Poultry Production and

Organic Agriculture Production respectively.

“Taking the Organic Agriculture Production NCII requires physical and mental preparedness, mastery in the 4 core Competencies such as Raise Organic Chicken, Produce Organic Vegetables, Produce Organic Fertilizers, Produce Organic Concoctions/Extracts and 2 other Elective Competencies such as Raise Organic Hogs and Raise Small Ruminants (Goats),” BAT President Guia May Nierves stated in an interview.

“Being knowledgeable alone is not enough to be considered competent in OAP NCII, you also need to have the skills. Learning in Organic Agriculture doesn’t stop after being called an “NCII Holder”, in fact, it is only the beginning of practicing and improving skills. Remember that you always have to be humble and teachable because there’s always room for knowledge and improvement, ” Nierves added.

Congratulations BAT Scholars! Your AgRecoletos family is proud of your achievements!

Written by: James Patrick Laporno

Photos by: BAT Scholars


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