The 2nd Year BSA students performed concoction-making as part of their INECOA23G class, November 23.

Engr. Irish M. Tagapan, ABE, spearheaded the activity and monitored the students until the concoction harvest.

Organic concoctions are good alternatives to chemical farm inputs due to it being made through the process of fermentation where

the potency is enhanced by the beneficial microorganisms.

Among the concoctions made are Fermented Fruit Juice(FFJ), Fermented Plant Juice(FPJ), Oriental Herb Nutrient (OHN), and Fish Amino acids (FAA), having Molasses as their common ingredient.

Students are required to wear protective equipment such as face masks and gloves to prevent the contamination of the samples, making it a delicate process.

Written by: James Patrick Laporno

Photos by: Engr. Irish Tagapan


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