Amalgamating LEADERS.

The Agriculture Society held its Leadership Training and Team Building Activity at the School of Agriculture last January 25, 2023.

In the Morning, the Leadership Training started through a series of individual and group challenges putting the officers’ leadership skills to the test. The most notable part of the morning segment was when Engr. Irish Macainan – Tagapan, adviser of the Agriculture Society, discussed the officers’ individual roles and how they should function as a society. Jessan Cabunsol and Aleksan Maikro Patricio, AgRecoletos Faculty and Senior respectively, are the Masters of Ceremony for the day along with Tagapan.

“The leader does not define the President alone. All of you, Society Officers, are leaders in your own unique way and the Agriculture students are the people you lead and serve.” Tagapan said.

The Team Building commenced in the afternoon and tested the officers’ sensitivity, comprehension and teamwork.

The activities also aim to immerse and orient the first years on the weight of the resposibilities, which is essential on passing on the torch. The event allowed the students to reflect on their performances and evaluate on the areas they need to improve on the 2nd Semester.

Overall, the event was a success, sealing the achievements in a series of photographs.

Written by: Katrina Monteclaro

Photos by: Yna Marie Sanglap

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