Mr. Christian Theo G. Acaba was awarded as the Best Conference Paper in the Agriculture and Fisheries Education Track- MSA. Acaba’s study on “Dairy Cattle Industry: Socio-demographic Profile, Management Practice and Level of Mastitis infection in backyard and Commercial Raising” gained its recognition during the 3rd International Research Colloquium of NONESCOST with the Theme “UpholdingContinue reading “REAPING SUCCESS”

TESDA Assessment

Technical Education And Skills Development Authority(TESDA) held an assessment at UNO – R School of Agriculture last April 29. TESDA representatives inspected the tools, materials, equipment and facilities of AgRecoletos to evaluate if they are ready to be an assessment center for Agricultural Crops Production NC I, Agricultural Crops Production NC II, and Animal ProductionContinue reading “TESDA Assessment”


To inspect and verify the different hands-on component activities conducted in the field as required in the laboratory of Organic Agriculture (OAGRIG13G) and Soil Fertility (SOIFER23G) subjects, the second-year students of the School of Agriculture, UNO-Recoletos, were visited by their professor, December 7-11. OAGRIG13G and SOIFER23G Adviser Armigenia Benedicto, Ph.D., led the inspection of herContinue reading “OAGRIG13G and SOIFER23G”

Incoming Freshman Students

1. SDPC Student presents HS ID/Card, Long Size Brown Envelope, 1×1 ID Picture, receipt of Payment from the Accounting and Pencil. Student takes the entrance exam. 2. REGISTRAR Student submits 1 passport size picture with nametag and original copies of NSO Birth Certificate and HS Card. Student fills out Student Information Sheet (SIS) form. 3.Continue reading “Incoming Freshman Students”

Returning Students

For those who have stopped for at least one semester without enrolling in other schools. 1. REGISTRAR — Student gets confirmation on returnee’s status. Student receives verification slip; 2. COLLEGE — Dean evaluates student’s previous record and recommends readmission. 3. DSA — Student verifies non-academic record. 4. SDPC — Student updates cumulative record. 5. ACCOUNTINGContinue reading “Returning Students”

Shifting Students

Shifting students are those who wish to transfer to another within the University. They may be returning students or continuing students. 1. SDPC – Student avails career counseling; 2. PREVIOUS COLLEGE ENROLLED IN – Student requests shifting form; 3. ACCOUNTING – Student pays the initial payment of P1, 500.00/partial payment and the mandatory fees suchContinue reading “Shifting Students”

Cross-enrolling Students

In general, cross-enrollment is discouraged. However, for valid reason/s and subject to the condition/s set by the University, students may be permitted to cross-enroll in another school. Cross-enrollees are those who are enrolled simultaneously in two (2) schools with the approval of the Registrar upon the recommendation of the dean of their college. Cross-enrollment inContinue reading “Cross-enrolling Students”

Transferring Students

Transfer students are those who have enrolled in college (leading to a BS degree) or technical course in other schools and wish to enroll in the University. All types of scholars must secure clearance/discount from the Scholarship office before proceeding to the Accounting Office. Incoming students who would want to enroll in the College ofContinue reading “Transferring Students”

Foreign Students

Foreign Students shall follow the enrollment procedures for Transferees. They may be accepted provided they comply with and submit the following to the Registrar’s Office: Student visa Transcript of Records (authenticated by the Philippine Embassy from the country of origin) Photocopy of passport (page with picture and latest stamp by BID) for evaluation