COVID-19 Stories

People around the world have been battling this pandemic for months.Everyone has a story to tell. Some didn’t make it. Some are still fighting to win against COVID-19. This invisible enemy is threatening our extinction.
To date, there is no vaccine yet for COVID-19. Some of us are separated from loved ones. However, this pandemic shows that distance can’t hinder us from supporting, caring, and loving each other. We’ve heard and read stories of hope, love, and unity, that inspired people around the world.
If your COVID-19 experiences are worth sharing to inspire others, we will be more willing to hear them from you. We would appreciate it if you can write in at least 250 words or even more. Send your stories to, with your full name and picture.

The following are stories of people from all walks of life. These stories were collected to inspire and give positive insights during this time of crisis because we believe that we can survive and win this battle.

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