Partner Farms

The Recoletos Online Learning Extension (ROLEx) has a total of 15 partner farms located in the province of Negros Occidental. The farms practice crop, poultry, and livestock production systems. Some farms practice game fowl breeding and coastal resource management.

  • Faith Farm
    As its name implies, Faith Farm grew and progress of what it is today because of faith and passion of a veterinary doctor who dared to venture into a business totally different from their family-owned business which is poultry production.  With a very minimal resources but with a big faith in his heart, he startedContinue reading “Faith Farm”
  • 3R Integrated Organic Farm
    In an inner and serene place in San Carlos City, one can find an area venturing into livestock production. When it started as a livestock-based farm, its name was coined from the first letter of the names Romeo, Rose, and Renzy, the family owners. After Dr. Romeo Agraviador, a Medical Doctor, became an advocate andContinue reading “3R Integrated Organic Farm”
  • Double A Poultry Farm
    The family that does business together stays close and enjoys financial freedom together. The poultry farm business of the Sevilleno family started in 1992, managed by both of their parents, who at that time started with breeder chicken. The business ran under contract with an Integrator, which they thought was easy and profitable until, inContinue reading “Double A Poultry Farm”
  • Grace Organic Farm
    A quote from the book of Isaiah 28: 23-29, which tells about the parable of the farmer, was a great inspiration that pushed a man whose desire and goal in life is to ensure the health and welfare of his family. Armed with this spiritual weapon coupled with his passion for rice farming, Pastor JerryContinue reading “Grace Organic Farm”
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