Visualizing what COVID-19 does to your body

By now, researchers and health experts have gained a better understanding of the range of symptoms caused by COVID-19, which include fever, a dry cough, and of course, the dangerous inflammation of the respiratory system.

Most of us know that COVID-19 can be much more severe than a typical flu, but lesser known are the mechanics behind how the virus causes pneumonia in its victims.

Today’s informative illustration, by scientific designer and animator Avesta Rastan, details the effects COVID-19 has on our lungs, from moderate to severe cases.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), most people who contract COVID-19 only experience mild flu-like symptoms. Occasionally though, the infection can cascade into a severe case of pneumonia that can be lethal, especially for older people and those with underlying medical conditions.

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“I doubted myself a lot of times, but I used this as a motivation to go further and challenge myself more, I always reflect on my main purpose and my never-ending why’s,” April Therese C. Montuya articulated

A Freshman from BS Agriculture, under the College of Arts and Sciences, has been selected as a Philippine delegate at the Asia World Model United Nations (AWMUN V) in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand, 27th-30th of May 2023. The said MUN will be focusing on UNICEF: Advancing the Transformation of Technology for Education Development, and UNESCO: Achieving a Global Diversity: Preserving the Characteristics of Different Cultural Identities.

Montuya had been joining multiple delegations and international conferences since her Senior High School journey, this made her realize and reflect on the contemporary issues that our society is facing today. Perseverance, purpose, and determination- these qualities made her push herself to see and learn more, and to share that awareness in her community.

Amalgamating LEADERS.

The Agriculture Society held its Leadership Training and Team Building Activity at the School of Agriculture last January 25, 2023.

In the Morning, the Leadership Training started through a series of individual and group challenges putting the officers’ leadership skills to the test. The most notable part of the morning segment was when Engr. Irish Macainan – Tagapan, adviser of the Agriculture Society, discussed the officers’ individual roles and how they should function as a society. Jessan Cabunsol and Aleksan Maikro Patricio, AgRecoletos Faculty and Senior respectively, are the Masters of Ceremony for the day along with Tagapan.

“The leader does not define the President alone. All of you, Society Officers, are leaders in your own unique way and the Agriculture students are the people you lead and serve.” Tagapan said.

The Team Building commenced in the afternoon and tested the officers’ sensitivity, comprehension and teamwork.

The activities also aim to immerse and orient the first years on the weight of the resposibilities, which is essential on passing on the torch. The event allowed the students to reflect on their performances and evaluate on the areas they need to improve on the 2nd Semester.

Overall, the event was a success, sealing the achievements in a series of photographs.

Written by: Katrina Monteclaro

Photos by: Yna Marie Sanglap


“I asked the Zebra,
are you black with white stripes?
Or white with black stripes?
And the zebra asked me,
Are you good with bad habits?
Or are you bad with good habits?
Are you noisy with quiet times?
Or are you quiet with noisy times?
Are you happy with some sad days?
Or are you sad with some happy days?
Are you neat with some sloppy ways?
Or are you sloppy with some neat ways?
And on and on and on and on and on and on he went.
I’ll never ask a zebra about stripes…again.”


― Shel Silverstein


Agrecoletos mamsers gathered at Aboys Restaurant for a year-end celebration and thanksgiving of success along with the reporting on PAASCU last December 30,2022.

December is the time of the year for gift-giving and the celebration of friendship and family. The faculty of the UNO-R School Of Agriculture found a way to make gift-giving special and extraordinary by sharing gifts that are unique, eco-friendly, and natural.

Mamsers are indeed grateful and thankful for the blessings, opportunities, and answered prayers for the year 2022 and looking forward to more blessings in the coming 2023. Thanksgiving was blessed with a fellowship lunch together while reporting on the PAASCU updates.

Written by: Engr. Irish M. Tagapan

CAS DAY 2022

Every Year, the College of Arts and Sciences hosts CAS day for the different societies at the University Gymnasium. This event took place last October 5, 2022, for a whole day having Literary contests in the morning and Musicals in the afternoon. Students and faculties have witnessed different talents coming from different society representatives from oration to character Impersonation, and from Vocal Solo to MTV.

George T. Barilea, 1st Year Agriculture Student, placed 1st runner-up while dressing up as Ursula in the Character Impersonation. Our Freshmen Senior Student, Michael Estancio, did not let his age stop him from joining the competition and also placed 1st runner up in the Impromptu Speech Category. Jude Ian Lovino and Novie Jean Deogracias sang “Beauty and the Beast” placing 1st Runner-Up in the Vocal Duet and 2nd runner-up in the Vocal Solo for Lovino once again. Agriculture Society officers competed in the MTV competition and placed 3rd runner up.

It was a great opportunity for Agriculture students to get out of their shells and represent their societies.

Written by: Vincent Dominic Ade Perocho

Photos by: Jerry Boy De Lara


The Agriculture Society had its fair share of exhibit display in the College of Arts and Sciences Exhibit, November 15 – 19.

The Agriculture exhibit has attracted the crowd with its landscaped-themed design filled with different flora, fauna, products, and outputs from the different areas of Agriculture.   QR codes were placed in front of the product so that visitors can just scan for further knowledge consumption.

Live Animals such as Ball Python, Tarantulas, Leopard Gecko, Native pigs, and Chickens have drawn the most attention and photo ops from visitors. Aside from Agricultural crops, exotic carnivorous plants such as Venus Flytrap, Sundews, and Pitcher plants can also be seen in the exhibit.

A model of the Aquaponics made by AJA&G’s Cabunsol and Patricio was displayed to give the visitors a view of how aquaponic processes take place.

The exhibit lasted for a week and the crowd numbers are consistent. Seeing the visitors enjoy while interacting, marks the success of the Agriculture exhibit.

Written by: Vincent Dominic Ade Perocho

Photos by: Jerry Boy De Lara


Last December 10, 2022, the 4th year students under the class of Dr. Paulino Oñal conducted a seminar on the Cultural Management of Sweet Potato attended by the Freshmen and Sophomore Aggies.

The speakers discussed Cultural Management, Pest Management, Fertilizer and Weed Management in planting a sweet potato. Dr. Oñal catered the students’ questions through an open forum before the seminar ended.

This seminar is a requirement on their Principles of Management and Extension Program (MAGTEX23G) class.

The 4th year students will be sent to Don Salvador, later on, to have a talk on the problem of the farmers as part of their extension work.

Written by: Selwyn Roberth Bilbao

Photos by: RB Michael Camalon


The 2nd Year BSA students performed concoction-making as part of their INECOA23G class, November 23.

Engr. Irish M. Tagapan, ABE, spearheaded the activity and monitored the students until the concoction harvest.

Organic concoctions are good alternatives to chemical farm inputs due to it being made through the process of fermentation where

the potency is enhanced by the beneficial microorganisms.

Among the concoctions made are Fermented Fruit Juice(FFJ), Fermented Plant Juice(FPJ), Oriental Herb Nutrient (OHN), and Fish Amino acids (FAA), having Molasses as their common ingredient.

Students are required to wear protective equipment such as face masks and gloves to prevent the contamination of the samples, making it a delicate process.

Written by: James Patrick Laporno

Photos by: Engr. Irish Tagapan



United as one, the College of Arts and Sciences, Agriculture students and faculties celebrated its annual “Agri Day: Fiesta sa Uma” with the theme “Agriculture: Bringing Growth, Ingenuity and Bridging Gaps” which takes the Day 1 celebration at the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos, School of Agriculture.

Along with this, students and faculties celebrated the Day 1 event with activities prepared by the Agriculture Society spearheaded by the Society President, James Patrick Laporno. The event started with a Holy Rosary and a Welcoming of Mary to the School of Agriculture. Then, followed by the ribbon cutting led by Dr. Francis Besa and the event sponsors, Love Feeds.

The day event was full of blast, followed by a Sportsfest which takes part in Volleyball Competition and Basketball Liga.

The Business Agriculture Technology (BAT) slammed the Volleyball Competition against BSA 4th Year students. Correspondingly, BSA 1st Year students also took place and hailed Champion in the Basketball Liga.

The day event has come to an end as the Aggies had fun with their Color Splash activity. Continuation of the event will be on October 15, 2022 for the Alumni Homecoming wherein a Student Vs. Alumni Liga and Kamustahanay will commence.

The Aggies would like to thank all the people that supported this event, including our very own Department Head, Ma. Corazon Acaba, DVM, MBAH, and our very supportive Dean, Dean Annabee Magbanua- Claur, Ph.D.

We are delighted that this activity became remarkable as we enjoyed and relished the said event.

Written by: April Therese Montuya

Photos by: BSA and BAT


NInety-nine (99) Business Agriculture Technology (BAT) scholars successfully passed the Animal Production (Poultry-Chicken) NC II and Organic Agriculture Production NC II National Competency Assessment.

Four(4) batches of BAT scholars took the National Competency assessments last

September 26 – 27, and October 3-5, 2022. Batch 1 and 2 consisting of Forty nine(49) students in total took the Organic Agriculture Production NCII in Provincial Training Center ( PTC) – Cadiz City.

Additionally, Batch 3 and 4 consisting of Fifty (50 students) took the Animal Production (Poultry – Chicken) NCII at MDM – Sagay College, Inc.

BAT Scholars are competent enough to pass the assessments with the guidance of their professors, Ma. Corazon Acaba, DVM, MBAH and Rowena Sarsua, teaching Animal Science – Poultry Production and

Organic Agriculture Production respectively.

“Taking the Organic Agriculture Production NCII requires physical and mental preparedness, mastery in the 4 core Competencies such as Raise Organic Chicken, Produce Organic Vegetables, Produce Organic Fertilizers, Produce Organic Concoctions/Extracts and 2 other Elective Competencies such as Raise Organic Hogs and Raise Small Ruminants (Goats),” BAT President Guia May Nierves stated in an interview.

“Being knowledgeable alone is not enough to be considered competent in OAP NCII, you also need to have the skills. Learning in Organic Agriculture doesn’t stop after being called an “NCII Holder”, in fact, it is only the beginning of practicing and improving skills. Remember that you always have to be humble and teachable because there’s always room for knowledge and improvement, ” Nierves added.

Congratulations BAT Scholars! Your AgRecoletos family is proud of your achievements!

Written by: James Patrick Laporno

Photos by: BAT Scholars