Visualizing what COVID-19 does to your body

By now, researchers and health experts have gained a better understanding of the range of symptoms caused by COVID-19, which include fever, a dry cough, and of course, the dangerous inflammation of the respiratory system.

Most of us know that COVID-19 can be much more severe than a typical flu, but lesser known are the mechanics behind how the virus causes pneumonia in its victims.

Today’s informative illustration, by scientific designer and animator Avesta Rastan, details the effects COVID-19 has on our lungs, from moderate to severe cases.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), most people who contract COVID-19 only experience mild flu-like symptoms. Occasionally though, the infection can cascade into a severe case of pneumonia that can be lethal, especially for older people and those with underlying medical conditions.

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Dairy for Life: a Story of Agri-Inspiration

Sir Elmor Juanitas is an alumnus of the School of Agriculture of the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos. He’s from Brgy. Minuyan, Murcia.

Sir Juanitas graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Major in Agribusiness degree in 1999. After finishing his studies in UNO-R, he volunteered in Don Bosco Parish, Mambukal. With his family farm, he started practicing the theories he learned in the School of Agriculture.

In 2000, he went to Japan and was trained for the production of cut flowers.

Years later, he continued his journey in New Zealand in 2012. He first worked there as a farmworker on a dairy farm. Because of his dedication to work and passion for agriculture, he was promoted to a higher position.
Currently, Sir Elmor Juanitas is the farm manager in one of the dairy farms in New Zealand.

“Agriculture is a lifetime job,” Sir Elmor said. he believes that “Agriculture is a way of life.”

UNO-R, industry partners sign MOA to support BAT OJT

Six industry partners and the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos, together with TESDA, signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to support the Business Agriculture Technology (BAT) Diploma internship program, March 06.

“Together with TESDA and industry partners, UNO-R would indeed be looking forward to finding more innovative ways to support and unlock students’ capabilities,” said Rev. Fr. Jose Alden Alipin, OAR, in his welcome message during the MOA signing at the President’s Hall.

Dr. Ma. Corazon Acaba, program head of the School of Agriculture, explained that the on-the-job training (OJT) programs are a course requirement providing an opportunity to apply the theories, principles, and ideas learned in the academe under supervision.

“These training programs expose the students to the realities, which ideally hone their skills and prepare them once they get out of UNO-R,” Acaba said.

Meanwhile, University President Rev. Fr. Don Besana, OAR, said in his message that “we have to remember that we have this delicate mission of giving the best education to our students at all times, bringing with us the gospel values, and enriching our students with the gospel values.”

“I’m very happy about this partnership with TESDA,” Fr. Besana said.

Also, Fr. Besana stated in his message that the government is doing its part in bringing good programs to the people, especially for the students for nation-building.

“Without agriculture, nobody among us here would live,” he said.

On the other hand, TESDA NOPO Acting Provincial Director Romelia Nuezca said that TESDA Secretary Isidro Lapeña sees the need for food security.

“We are mandated to encourage schools and TVIs to offer agricultural programs. It is noted in Negros Occidental that UNO-R is one of the providers of the agricultural programs, which is the diploma in Business Agriculture Technology,” Nuezca said.

She said that “UNO-R is already a recipient of several slots of scholarship programs… So more to come for 2021.”

Nuezca explained that TESDA is distributing 30 percent of the scholarship slots to agriculture programs nationwide.

The MOA signing between UNO-R and the industry partners is the first for TESDA in Negros Occidental. “It is with industry where we can develop the skills of our trainers. It is our industry that will hire our graduates. So this is a momentous event in TESDA Negros Occidental,” she said.

UNO-R RITTC-STEP Director Nena Samillano said that “TESDA is committed to provide scholarship to our BAT students for three years. Also, UNO-R is committed to provide quality education to the TESDA scholars.”

Fr. Alipin said that “we devote ourselves to building a mutual commitment to promote and develop agriculture and agribusiness for better progress and results with the assistance of different sectors, numerous experts and industry partners.”

“Because of the guiding principles of TESDA, which is ‘Sa TESDA Abot Lahat,’ the dreams and aspirations of the selected scholars are given hope,” he said.

UNO-Recoletos extends enrollment schedule

The Office of the President of UNO-Recoletos just released an extension of the schedule of enrollment for the 2nd Semester, A.Y. 2020-2021.

In a Facebook post of the UNO-Recoletos official page, the enrollment is extended until January 16, 2021, Saturday.

Moreover, classes for the 2nd Semester will officially start on January 18, 2021.

For clarifications and queries, you may contact the Registrar’s Office at 034 4332449 local 145.


To inspect and verify the different hands-on component activities conducted in the field as required in the laboratory of Organic Agriculture (OAGRIG13G) and Soil Fertility (SOIFER23G) subjects, the second-year students of the School of Agriculture, UNO-Recoletos, were visited by their professor, December 7-11.

OAGRIG13G and SOIFER23G Adviser Armigenia Benedicto, Ph.D., led the inspection of her students’ laboratory activities.

The four-day field visit also prepares the students for their Organic Agriculture Production NC II qualification by TESDA.

Despite the long-distance and unrepaired pathways, Dr. Benedicto managed to visit her students living from Municipalities of Calatrava, Manapla, Murcia, Isabela, and Cities Bacolod and Talisay.

UNO-Recoletos releases Christmas break, enrollment schedules

The University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos, through Memorandum No. 037, will have its semestral break from December 19, 2020, to January 3, 2021.

The memorandum also stated the enrollment schedule for the Second Semester A.Y. 2020-2021, which will be on December 28-29, 2020, and January 4-9, 2021.

Office transactions will resume on January 4, 2021, and online classes for the Second Semester will begin on January 11, 2021.

First-year students exempt from final exams

To encourage students to study harder amid the pandemic, the Introduction to Animal Science (INTANS13G) section F01 class has exempted some students from the final examinations.

Students who garnered a combined percentage score of 85 and above during the final (Phase 1) and midterm (Phase 2) examinations will no longer have to take the final examination in Phase 2, November 7.

The students exempted from taking the final examination are Guia May Nierves, Nephi Laurence Ejusa, and Joe Lois Nierves, all from Business Agriculture Technology scholars Batch 1. Bachelor of Science Agriculture students exempted from taking the exam are Anna Mae Poblacion, Nathaniel John Bermejo, Vincent Dominic Ade Perocho, and Pre-Veterinary student Julie Yip.

The rest of the students under the INTANS13G class will take the final examinations today, November 7, at 1 p.m.

TESDA PD visits UNO-R AgRecoletos

To inspect the facilities used by the School of Agriculture of UNO-Recoletos, TESDA Provincial Director Bayani Gofredo visited the University, October 26.

PD Gofredo made a courtesy call to Rev. Fr. Don Besana, OAR, university president.
Moreover, PD Gofredo met with scholars under the Business Agriculture Technology diploma program through zoom.

He congratulated the 50 students for being part of the TESDA scholarship program. “I hope to see you all at the graduation,” he said.

Agriculture Program Head Ma. Corazon Acaba, DVM MBAH, toured the visitors with the facilities used for online classes by AgRecoletos.

PD Gofredo visited the Management Information Office (MIS) to check the enrollment system, learning management system, and technical support system. He also inspected the ITRD office and IT classrooms for network infrastructure and IT facilities.

PD Gofredo and his team were welcomed by Fr. Besana, College of Arts and Sciences Dean Annabee Claur, Ph.D., Dr. Acaba, RITTC Director Nena Samillano, Ph.D., ICTD Head Mariano Antenor, MIS Specialist Alvin Mananquil, IT faculty Reymund Sabay, Ph.D.,together with AgRecoletos faculty Armigenia Benedicto, Ph.D., Ma. Cecilia Mercado, and Mario Sedonio, and RITTC Secretary Angie Tijing.

The COVID-19 safety protocols like wearing a face mask and social distancing were strictly observed during the visit.

TESDA grants 50 BAT program Scholars

TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) granted 50 scholars to enroll in the Business Agriculture Technology (BAT) Diploma program of the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos.

The 50 scholars, now enrolled in the first semester of A.Y. 2020-2021, are the pioneered batch for the BAT program offered by the School of Agriculture of UNO-Recoletos.

BAT is the newest offer of UNO-Recoletos for its Agriculture Program. It is a three-year diploma program anchored with national qualification of TESDA.

Because of the guiding principle of TESDA, which is “TESDA Abot Lahat,” the dreams and aspirations of the selected scholars are given hope.

TESDA Abot Lahat provides “relevant, accessible, high quality, and efficient technical education and skills development.”

The 50 scholars will be free of tuition and other fees and allowances, sponsored by TESDA.

Despite the pandemic, TESDA and UNO-Recoletos still find their way in reaching people to reach their dreams.

Faith Farm

As its name implies, Faith Farm grew and progress of what it is today because of faith and passion of a veterinary doctor who dared to venture into a business totally different from their family-owned business which is poultry production.  With a very minimal resources but with a big faith in his heart, he started with a 10 sow-level. Though he is a veterinarian, he has less knowledge and experience on how to proceed with swine business and he encountered so many challenges along the way which taught him lessons to improve in this endeavor.

           The mission and vision of Faith Farm is “Excellence for God’s Glory” which they visibly posted in their stores for the information of the consuming public. The main objective of this farm is to provide high quality pork to their customers.  The advantage of Faith Farm over other swine business is that they have taken hold every step of the value chain of swine production ensuring high quality of their products when it reaches the consuming public at affordable cost.

         With enough manpower and available facilities, they breed and raise their own swine with a readily formulated feeds they too produced. They do the slaughtering/ butchering, slicing, packing and cold storage of their products and deliver the same to their respective market outlets also owned by Faith Farm.

                They adopted technologies geared towards efficiency because according to Dr. Taala whether you are in livestock or poultry operation, efficiency is the name of the game. He further opined that one must be efficient, otherwise you will be eliminated from the game. Only the efficient ones, according to him, will prevail in this business. For him, this is more than just a business where money and labor are the essentials, but what is truly invested here is sweat, dedication and a great passion to do it.

             Today, Faith Farm already houses over 4,000 sows which only started from a veterinary doctor’s passion and a leap of faith. Moreover, this farm is now considered as one of the largest pork meat producers in Negros Occidental. 

           This passionate swine grower – Dr. Rodney Taala laid the foundation of this business as his legacy to leave behind which he hoped his daughter also named “Faith” will continue in the near future.

Incoming Freshman Students

1. SDPC Student presents HS ID/Card, Long Size Brown Envelope, 1×1 ID Picture, receipt of Payment from the Accounting and Pencil. Student takes the entrance exam.

2. REGISTRAR Student submits 1 passport size picture with nametag and original copies of NSO Birth Certificate and HS Card. Student fills out Student Information Sheet (SIS) form.

3. ACCOUNTING OFFICE Student pays the initial payment of Php 1, 500/partial payment. Student receives Official Receipt (OR).

4. COLLEGE Student submits HS card (photocopy), 2 passport size pictures with nametag, SDPC test result (photocopy). Student receives section assignment. Enrollment officer encodes student’s information details. Student receives hard copy of enrolment form.

5. DSA Student submits original copy of good moral character and applies for school identification card.