Visualizing what COVID-19 does to your body

By now, researchers and health experts have gained a better understanding of the range of symptoms caused by COVID-19, which include fever, a dry cough, and of course, the dangerous inflammation of the respiratory system.

Most of us know that COVID-19 can be much more severe than a typical flu, but lesser known are the mechanics behind how the virus causes pneumonia in its victims.

Today’s informative illustration, by scientific designer and animator Avesta Rastan, details the effects COVID-19 has on our lungs, from moderate to severe cases.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), most people who contract COVID-19 only experience mild flu-like symptoms. Occasionally though, the infection can cascade into a severe case of pneumonia that can be lethal, especially for older people and those with underlying medical conditions.

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A Freshmen in his senior primetime is ready for A. Y 2022 – 2023.

Michael Razon Estacio, 64, is one of the 30 and counting freshmen of the UNO – R School of Agriculture. Estacio started engaging in Agriculture since he was 34 years old. Despite his current status being a freshmen, Estacio is no amateur when it comes to Agriculture. He has been very active in the field, having raised different crops like orchids, vegetables, medicinal marijuana, and perhaps many more. Additionally, he did all of these in USA, a country which has advanced Agricultural technology.

According to Estacio the reason why he joined Agriculture is that he wants to get into the science behind planting and food security.

“I’ll always be a student in life. If I have time, I study because I know what I don’t know”, Estacio added.

Not only does he have years of experience and acquired knowledge, but he is also very friendly and approachable. Most of all, Estacio is a great model for his classmates, and everyone is excited on how this schoolyear will unfold.

Don’t think you’re already too late to learn. Enroll now at UNO -R School of Agriculture!!!

Written by: Emmanuel Jacob Montesa

Photos by: James Patrick Laporno




The CABACS Council and the Agriculture Society of the College of Arts and Sciences started the first phase of their Agri – Business Partnership Project, August 19.

In order to mitigate the challenge of food scarcity and promote the concept of sustainability, the organizations thought of merging the courses’ expertise.

CABACS governor Jessel V. Noble and Agriculture Society President James Patrick Laporno spearheaded the activity with the support of their respective departments.

The Urban Gardening Community Challenge of the Agriculture Program will be utilized in this project and will further be modified with the CABACS council’s knowledge enrichment on Financial literacy. This will not only provide food on the tables but also a potential source of income to the beneficiaries.

Clearing operations and crop planting was initiated at the AgRecoletos Urban Gardens serving as an output for the project. The concept will then be extended to the CABACS’s adopted community, Brgy. Cabugwason and its population.

Further details about the project will soon be posted. Stay tuned on the CABACS and Agriculture pages for the updates!!!

Written by: James Patrick V. Laporno

Photos by: Jessel V. Noble


The UNO – R School of Agriculture and its Society welcomes the freshmen of the A.Y 2022 – 2023, August 15.

“Why did you Choose Agriculture?”

A simple question but hardly contemplated by Thirty freshies who braved their way by choosing Agriculture to pursue. Diversity of grounds in careers, goals and dreams were stated in response. Orientations and Get to know sessions were initiated in order to acclimate the students to their new environment, colleagues and faculty.

Their AgRekoleto spirits were instantly put to the test by an Egg hunting activity around the farm and all succeeded in their venture. Freebies and snacks were also provided by the society.

The future is brighter having newly sprouted greens possessing heterogeneous strengths and personalities. With the extension of enrolment, numbers are still counting.



Alumnus and Student of AgRecoletos are two of the 80 Provincial Level Awardees of this year’s YFC.

Aleksan Maikro Patricio, a student of the UNO – R School of Agriculture was one of the 80 Provincial level awardees of the Young Farmers Challenge 2022 along with Jessan Cabunsol, an alumnus of the program.

Encouraging people to engage in food sustainability and food security is the reason why Patricio decided to join YFC with Cabunsol. They have a partnership business named Aleksan and Jessan Aquaponics and Greens(AJA&G) that produces vegetables and provides services to the people who want to engage in a sustainable form of farming.

“Through this YFC, we can help communities especially those living in urban cities to practice growing or producing naturally grown vegetables and greens (no use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers) just like what we do in AJA&G, ” Patricio stated.”

Patricio hopes that this milestone will inspire other youth to pursue sustainable agriculture and now, focuses on promoting their business.

You may support them by liking their agri-fishery enterprise AJA&G Facebook page through this link: https://www.facebook.com/AJAGreens .

Written by: James Patrick Laporno

Photos by: Young Farmers Challenge – Western Visayas




It takes sweat, determination and hardwork as incoming Fourth year students of UNO – R School of Agriculture successfully finished their 240 hours of PRACUM26W at UPLBCAFS La Granja Research & Training Station, La Carlota City, Negros Occidental, August 3.

The Certificates for Completion were given to 19 students of Agrecoletos. Among all of the students, Ana Mae A. Salonoy from UNO-R received an award as Most Outstanding Student during the Farm Practice along with Ian Reymart Alfanza from NONESCOST.

“It is not only for our self but for service,” Dean of College of Arts and Sciences Annabee Magbanua-Claur, Ph.D said to partake the students in sharing what they have learned in the OJT. Claur also thanked the UPLBCAFS staff for accomodating the students in their 240 hour Summer Farm Practice Operation.

Written by: Ayessa Matti



UNO – R School of Agriculture together with it’s Society made their first Outreach program at Purok Libertad Dos, Brgy. Damsite, Municipality of Murcia, July 29.

Despite the bad weather, students together with Doc. Paulino Oñal Jr. traveled to the outreach area to extend it’s Urban Gardening Community Challenge. Different Soil Medium, Proper Bagging and Proper Transplanting of seedlings from seed tray to the Plastic Bag were taught by the students of AgRecoletos. Children and Parents from Libertad Dos were also given the chance to engage in a hands – on practice.

Questions from the locals were also catered in an open forum from Doc Oñal. Oñal also highlighted the importance of Urban Gardening, Agriculture and Sustainability especially when facing the threats of global challenges.

“The Team is pleased to see that the people from Libertad Dos are eager to learn about Agriculture, making us want to extend more of our projects to them,” Agriculture Society President James Laporno said. “We hope that what we have left here will flourish and bear fruit, given the potential that this community has,” Laporno added.

Written by: Vincent Dominic Ade Perocho



First year and Second year students of AgRecoletos finished their 240 hours PRACUM Farm Operation Practice, July 26.

Certificates of completion was awarded to 29 AgRecoletos students for successfully completing the course.

Dr. Paulino, Oñal Jr., Ph. D gave a talk on “Transformational Leadership and Developing Critical Thinking of UNOR Agri students through Research and Extension Works”.

Oñal stated that the students must put importance on research that if done properly, the results can be extended. “Our extension is not just noodles, our extension is knowledge and technology transfer,” Oñal added.

A Turning over of the project to the department was commenced by the PRACUM advisers before the close of the culmination. A huge rock was placed by the PRACUM students symbolizing the seal of complete transfer.

Written by: James Patrick Laporno


“Consensus and Convergence of Stakeholders for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability”

The University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos, School of Agriculture of the College of Arts and Sciences conducted a forum entitled “Consensus and Convergence of Stakeholders for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability” at the UNO-R Little Theater, July 20.

Locally and Internationally known Resource Persons shared their knowledge and experiences to the AgRecoletos students and invited guests. Participants were also given the chance to share their thoughts and raise their concerns through an open forum with the speakers.

Dr. Neil Ningal, Consultant on Food Security and Sustainability of Negros Occidental discussed the “Pagkaon sa Negrosanon Sustainability Road Map.”

The Rigors of Gilbor Pig Farming were tackled by Abraham Gilbor, Owner and Farm Operation Manager, in which he shared different perspectives of Hog raising.

Dr. Oscar Bulaong Jr., Executive Director. of Gov. Jose B. Fernandez Ethics Center, explained Agribusiness Ethics in detail.

A well elaborated talk on “Interfacing Role of Academe Research and Extension for Food Sustainability ” was given by the International Editor of Agricultural Journals, Dr. Paulino Oñal, Jr. Oñal was also a Book and Article Author, Regional Lead Assessor for Sugarcane Production NC II and Consultant on Organic Sugarcane Production.

Dean Annabee M. Claur of the College of Arts and Sciences, formally closed the program by giving emphasis on the commitment of the students as an Agriculturist and as an Artian.

This forum indeed commenced a convergence among the agricultural stakeholders into being equipped to mitigating and coping climate change, COVID-19 pandemic, world oil crisis, increasing inflation rates and other challenges that the future may bring.

Written by: James Patrick Laporno



Agrecoletos faculty, PRACUM13w and 23w students together with 5 ARCORES International Volunteers from Spain went to the University’s “Recoletos Eco Park” located in Purok Manihan, Barangay Bunga, Don Salvador Benedicto to visit and plant pineapple crowns.

ARCORES International Staff Mely Flores discussed and explained the overview of the area and its proposed projects. Flores also stated that facilities will be built to prepare the ecopark for institutional activities.

ARCORES Volunteers from Spain joined the First year students of Agrecoletos in their pineapple crown planting along the hills under the supervision of Mr. Manuel Cortez. On the other hand, 2nd year Agriculture students had their soil sampling within the proximity of a 3 hectare-land. Dr. Armigenia Benedicto spearheaded the process on how to take the soil to be tested and the Do’s/Don’ts in acquiring a sample. While, Dr. Paulino Oñal Jr. led the way to where the sample will be taken.

“In behalf of the Agriculture Society, we pledge to invest our hardwork and commitment in scaping the lands in the way that it will serve its purpose”, Agriculture Society President James Patrick Laporno stated.

“We will live up to our Motto, “Caritas et Scientia”, utilizing and extending research and knowledge so that we will be able to keep up to the technology advancements benefitting the participants present here and also the future generations,” Laporno added.

The overall experience was able to provide a beneficial impact for the students where they are able to be immersed in the actual approach on how Agricultural things work in reality. Through this kind of activity, student enrichment and learning will continue, thus producing well equipped and competent Rekoleto Agriculturists.

Written by: Anna Mae Poblacion

BAT Entrepreneurship Culmination Activity

Business Agriculture Technology Program of AgRecoletos held its Agri Entrepreneurship Culmination Activity at the Little Theater, June 30.

Outstanding personalities from the AgriBusiness sector were the guest speakers who shared their success stories: Marlene Lamata, President of Rivson Group of Companies; Cherry R. Doromal, National Sales Manager of Commercial Feeds – Vitarich Feed Corporation; and Raymund Calago, RTC Gamefarm Owner.

Lamata emphasized in her speech how essential Agriculture is to the nation and its economy, serving as the country’s backbone.

BAT students presented their Business Model Canvas to the judges, Doc Francis G. Besa and Doc Paulino Oñal. The Business Model Canvas is an output for the webinar series facilitated by the Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Credit Policy Council (DA – ACPC) and highlights the students’ competency skills.

Team COOLture won as the Best Business Model Canvas. Students were also awarded Certificates of Completion and Participation for completing the webinar series.

Furthermore, Agriculture Department Head Ma. Corazon Acaba, MBAH, DVM, CAS Governor Nathaniel John Bermejo, Agriculture Society President James Patrick Laporno, and students from the BS Agriculture program were also in attendance.

Written by: James Patrick Laporno