Visualizing what COVID-19 does to your body

By now, researchers and health experts have gained a better understanding of the range of symptoms caused by COVID-19, which include fever, a dry cough, and of course, the dangerous inflammation of the respiratory system. Most of us know that COVID-19 can be much more severe than a typical flu, but lesser known are theContinue reading “Visualizing what COVID-19 does to your body”

ROLEx holds training-workshop on e-Learning Methodologies

Recoletos Online Learning Extension (ROLEx) held a Training-workshop on E-Learning Methodologies, Sept. 12-13 at the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos. “To learn different e-learning methodologies that will effectively enhance the learning abilities specifically for agriculture students,” Chairperson of ROLEx Training Program Armigenia Benedicto, Ph.D. said. The two-day free training-workshop was attended by invited partnerContinue reading “ROLEx holds training-workshop on e-Learning Methodologies”

Agri students attend Retreat 2019

“Leave behind what you’re used to and take a rest even just for a day.” As part of their obligations before they can graduate, graduating students of AgRecoletos participated in the Retreat 2019 with the theme the same as the “Year of the Youth 2019”: “Filipino Youth in Mission: Beloved. Gifted. Empowered.” The graduating studentsContinue reading “Agri students attend Retreat 2019”

18 AgRecoletos students march their success

The School of Agriculture of the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos has produced 18 combined graduates of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. There are seven graduates of Bachelors of Science major in Animal Sciences, namely: Jewel Mae Hortillosa, Kylie Marie Gamo, Manuel Labiano, John Arl Dionesa, Donel Republica, Karlo Solis, and Elaina Jumilla. OnContinue reading “18 AgRecoletos students march their success”

ROLEx joins 26th Panaad sa Negros

The Recoletos Online Learning Extension (ROLEx), together with the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos and the School of Agriculture (AgRecoletos), participated in the Panaad Organic Village during the 26th Panaad sa Negros. The participation of ROLEx in the Panaad sa Negros with the theme “Beyond a Promise… a Legacy”, is to promote the short-termContinue reading “ROLEx joins 26th Panaad sa Negros”

THE GREEN REVOLUTION FROM A MILLENNIAL’S POINT OF VIEW – First Place, ROLEx Essay Writing Contest, February 25,2018, UNO-Recoletos, Bacolod City

The Philippines, no matter how it sashays with the title, “The Rising Tiger of Asia, will always have its share of triumphs and mishaps. Ironically, the Philippines which is a dominantly agricultural country seems to deviate from the past to join its foreign industrial counterparts. This, in its accumulated entirety, adds significant destruction to theContinue reading “THE GREEN REVOLUTION FROM A MILLENNIAL’S POINT OF VIEW – First Place, ROLEx Essay Writing Contest, February 25,2018, UNO-Recoletos, Bacolod City”

TO GO OR NOT TO GO – Third Placer, ROLEx Essay Writing Contest, February 25,2018, UNO-Recoletos, Bacolod City

This is her first thought when someone asked her to join an agricultural forum on vegetable production. She used to make her living from other’s people garbage. She once lived in a garbage dump area in Payatas. From scavenging trash, she didn’t expect that she would venture in the field of agriculture. As millennials, theContinue reading “TO GO OR NOT TO GO – Third Placer, ROLEx Essay Writing Contest, February 25,2018, UNO-Recoletos, Bacolod City”

AgRecoletos Faculty meets in Chinese New Year

A new year means another opportunity for a more productive work and positivity for more blessings to come. The AgRecoletos Faculty and some invited persons had their meeting during the Chinese New Year, February 5 at Mai Pao Restaurant. The AgRecoletos family believes that there will be more luck to come especially in the implementationContinue reading “AgRecoletos Faculty meets in Chinese New Year”

Golden Opportunities in Learning from Failures

Excerpt from the Speech delivered by Dr. Ma. Corazon G. Acaba during the convocation of the City of Himamaylan Monday, Negros Occidental, Philippines. I readily accepted the invitation to talk on the occasion of your Monday gathering because I have very recent and relevant experience on the topic you assigned to me this morning. MyContinue reading “Golden Opportunities in Learning from Failures”

AgRecoletos Faculty retools curriculum for next AY

The faculty of the AgRecoletos revised the curriculum of the agriculture course for next academic year, January 15. The majority decided to change the name of the course from Bachelor of Science in Agriculture to Bachelor of Science in Business Agriculture with the same majors – Crop Science and Animal Science. The reasons for retoolingContinue reading “AgRecoletos Faculty retools curriculum for next AY”