AgRecoletos Faculty retools curriculum for next AY

The faculty of the AgRecoletos revised the curriculum of the agriculture course for next academic year, January 15. The majority decided to change the name of the course from Bachelor of Science in Agriculture to Bachelor of Science in Business Agriculture with the same majors – Crop Science and Animal Science. The reasons for retoolingContinue reading “AgRecoletos Faculty retools curriculum for next AY”

AgRecoletos showcases ROLEx in 13th NIOFF

To inform people about Recoletos Online Learning Extenstion (ROLEx), AgRecoletos participated in the 13th Negros Island Organic Farmers Festivals (NOIFF), November 28 – December 1. AgRecoletos or the Department of Agriculture of the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos, believed that ROLEx can be another way of promoting organic agriculture, not only in the NegrosContinue reading “AgRecoletos showcases ROLEx in 13th NIOFF”

Ethics Formation for Sustainable Food

This workshop on ethics formation for Visioning Sustainable Food was conducted last February 16-17,2018 at  Engineering AVR Building, UNO-Recoletos. The resource speaker was Dr. Oscar Bulaong, Ethics Director of Ateneo De Manila University and professor of  Graduate School of Business (AGSB) This seminar was designed for the educator, specifically for teachers who are guiding students toContinue reading “Ethics Formation for Sustainable Food”

THE GREEN WARRIOR IN ME – 2nd Placer, ROLEx Essay Writing Contest, February 25,2018, UNO-Recoletos, ​Bacolod City

Rise up and fight! In a time wherein we grew up in the likes of social media and technology, it is no surprise that majority of us young people tend to shy away from agriculture, disenchanted by the wide rice fields and sugarcane views. We are instilled to believe that farming Is an archaic lifestyleContinue reading “THE GREEN WARRIOR IN ME – 2nd Placer, ROLEx Essay Writing Contest, February 25,2018, UNO-Recoletos, ​Bacolod City”

Untainted Space Within

SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE OF a progressive city, buses and motorcycles create sounds that contribute to the noise pollution; the air is impure with dirty smoke from factories, vehicles, and other human doings.; and the people are interfering for their daily sustenance; there is a 9,000 square meters land area filled with ideas that couldContinue reading “Untainted Space Within”

AgRecoletos initiates “Let’s Bake mga Kumare”

To extend the knowledge of the “Maders and Kumares” on business start-ups and entrepreneurial mindset, AgRecoletos (School of Agriculture) organized the “Let’s Bake mga Kumare” program. “Lets Bake mga Kumare” is an extension project of Agri-entrepreneurship class of Agrecoletos of the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos. Chef Ronnie Guance shared his expertise in bakingContinue reading “AgRecoletos initiates “Let’s Bake mga Kumare””