Agriculture Faculty

Agriculture Faculty
First Semester
Academic Year 2019-2020


Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Ma. Corazon G. Acaba
Department Head

Part-time Faculty

Armando Abaño
Christian Theo G. Acaba
Dr. Armigenia O. Benedicto
Dr. John Michael Cabuguason
Manuel D. Cortez
Engr. Irish S. Macainan
Ma. Cecilia Mercado
Mario J. Sedonio

UNO-Recoletos Administration


The Agrecoletos Faculty roars with Bogart(the tiger) standing from left to right: Zaccharias Dacula, Manuel Cortes,  Master Arthur Maghar, Dr. Ma. Corazon G. Acaba, and Dr. Armigenia O. Benedicto.
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