Visualizing what COVID-19 does to your body93709758_678971192876124_8556956454416809984_n

By now, researchers and health experts have gained a better understanding of the range of symptoms caused by COVID-19, which include fever, a dry cough, and of course, the dangerous inflammation of the respiratory system.

Golden Opportunities in Learning from Failures

Penalosa Farm Photos (33)But there’s more to this story than heartaches. And these are the opportunities from the lessons we learned from this failed investment.



Thoughts to Ponder from Bill and Melinda

Melinda and I were asked that question recently by high school students in Kentucky. Our answers must have sounded pretty lame to fans of superheroes like Supergirl and the Flash — we simply wished for more energy and time to help us keep up with all the moving pieces in our busy lives.

A Closer Look at eLearning for Agriculture Distance Education Seminar

Agri educators and partner farm entrepreneurs were invited to a two-day Knowledge Sharing on Distance E-Learning and Strategic Management last June 29-30, 2018 at the UNO-R Masscom Studio in Bacolod City.

A Glimpse of ARL Gamefowl Farmscreenshot-2018-12-12-00-19-171

ARL stands for the initials of Arturo R. Lopez, the man behind the haven of feathers. It took Mr. Lopez about 13 years to make his gamefowl business what it is today, having to start from scratch and learn the craft of fowl breeding by himself.

ROLEx Academic Branding Management

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 3.15.02 AMAcademic Branding Management training workshop for Agriculture teachers was held in UPLB SEARCA study room last June 16-17,2018. The head trainers were Prof Glenn N. Baticados and Glenn B. Gregorio.  Instead of the usual SWOT analysis, the Value Proposition Canvas was used because it provides a more holistic picture of the factors and considerations in identifying UNO-R’s unique value proposition.

Ethics Formation for Sustainable Food

24131240_10213458292305594_7645608516065849380_nThis workshop on ethics formation for Visioning Sustainable Food was conducted last February 16-17,2018 at  Engineering AVR Building, UNO-Recoletos. The resource speaker was Dr. Oscar Bulaong, Ethics Director of Ateneo De Manila University and professor of  Graduate School of Business (AGSB) This seminar was designed for the educator, specifically for teachers who are guiding students to have an impact on the future of our country.

Untainted Space Within


SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE OF a progressive city, buses and motorcycles create sounds that contribute to the noise pollution; the air is impure with dirty smoke from factories, vehicles, and other human doings.; and the people are interfering for their daily sustenance; there is a 9,000 square meters land area filled with ideas that could make you feel like you are in a place far from the city life.

The Emergence of ROLEx

rolexhdlogoImprove learning environment and strategies to access eLearning resources among actors in HEI and industry in the local, regional, national and international levels by forging linkages and partnerships for these will promote sustainability of quality agricultural education, reduce poverty, food security, inclusive growth, and climate change preparedness.

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