ROLEx sets to accept incoming 1st year students

The Recoletos Online Learning Extension will be accepting incoming first year students for the Academic Year 2019-2020.

UNO-Recoletos School of Agriculture  offers 2 undergraduate programs, as follows:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Business Agriculture Major in:
    1. Animal Science
    2. Crop Science
  2. Dual Course Program On Bachelor Of Science in Business Agriculture

Admission Qualifications for Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Programs

  1. Have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent through completion of the K-12 curriculum, or through completion of old basic education curriculum, or by passing Dep Ed’s Alternative Learning System Accreditation and Equivalency (ALS A&E) Test for secondary level;
  2. Have taken and passed UNO-R College Admission Test
  3. Have taken Student elearning Readiness Test( for online Learners)
Admission Requirements 

An application for admission when the UNO-R Registrar receives documentary requirements  in hard copy format. Only applicants with approved applications and admission requirements will be allowed to enrol.

The undergraduate requirements:

1.    Accomplished printed copy of online application form

2.    Original documents of the following:

a.    If a Senior High School graduate, High school Form 137 and Form 138 with schools’ dry seal

b.    If Alternative Learning System graduate, Accreditation and Equivalency original results;

c.      If former UNO-R student, an Transcript of Records and Accomplished permit to transfer/shift form;

d.    If former student of another higher education institution, an official Transfer of Record (TOR) from the college or university previously attended;

e.    Certificate of good moral character;

f.      Proof of payment of application fee( non-refundable) amounting to PHP250.00 for local applicants and US $50.00;

g.    2 pieces identical 2’’x 2” photos with name and signature at the back; and

h.    Photocopy of NSO birth certificate.

Admission procedures:

UNO-R College Admission Test Qualifiers

UNO-R College Admission Test qualifiers who have chosen to enroll in ROLEx under BS Agriculture  program and have taken and passed the most recent college admission should get instructions confirmation of admission and prepare the following:

1.    Original Form 137

2.    Form 138Photocopy of NSO birth certificate

3.    Two pieces of 2” x 2” and 1” x 1” pictures

Qualifiers are required to answer On line Learning  Readiness survey Form. ROLEx email the survey form to your account.

Transferees and Shiftees to BS Business Agriculture

Applicants should take note of the qualifications and deadline for submissions of qualifications  as specified in the UNO-R academic calendar and should follow the procedures.

Step 1. Know the academic program you plan to enrol and its academic requirements

Step 2. Check and prepare admission requirements

Step 3. Apply through or UIS

Step 4. Mail by courier or bring personally hard copy of admission requirements before the set deadline of admission using the address below:

The Admission Section

Office of the University Registrar
Recoletos Online Learning Extension(ROLEx)
University of negros Occidental- Recoletos
Bacolod City,Philippines,6100

Step 5. Complete the survey on Student Readiness on Online Learning. ROLEx will send you the form.

Step 6. Wait for the Registrar email informing you about the results of your application.

For more Information please contact:

The Registrar
UNO-Recoletos,Bacolod City
Tel. No. 0344332449 loc 203


Area Coordinator, Agriculture
College of Arts and Sciences
UNO-Recoletos,Bacolod City
Tel. No. 0344332449 loc 203







 Subject to change upon the final approval of the School board

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