ROLEx Academic Branding Management

Academic Branding Management training workshop for Agriculture teachers was held in UPLB SEARCA study room last June 16-17,2018. The head trainers were Prof Glenn N. Baticados and Glenn B. Gregorio.  Instead of the usual SWOT analysis, the Value Proposition Canvas was used because it provides a more holistic picture of the factors and considerations in identifying UNO-R’s unique value proposition. The goal is for UNO-R, specifically the Agriculture program to build SIMPLE values by promoting a curriculum which is “Industry-designed; Employment-ready; and Partnership-driven.”

Mr. Gian de Jesus  facilitated a visioning exercise for the group in order to begin the “Branding Journey” which is composed of the following:

  • Brand Message
  • Brand Name
  • Brand Design Brief
  • Brand Logo
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Applications
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Story
  • Brand Value
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Engineering
  • Brand Culture

The visualization activity led to the following insights and recommendations:

  1. People’s perception of agriculture and of UNO-R is  very traditional.
  2. The Rolex program, on the other hand, is very current and 21st
  3. To marry these, UNO-R should make good use of its online infrastructure which is already in place, and attach the “millennial” brand to UNO-R.
  4. There are four authors when it comes to brand story, namely:
  • The company itself – UNO-R
  • Popular culture
  • Influencers / Brand ambassadors
  • Experiences and collective stories from the students and parents (customer segment)

Finally, the continuation of the co-creation of the Brand Story will still be geared towards changing people’s perceptions and mindsets – towards UNO-R, toward agriculture, and towards education responsive to the needs of 21stcentury learning.

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