Paw Marks Dog Training ​Services

ROLEx welcomes Paw Marks Training

Paw Marks Dog Training Services began in 2014, managed by Paul Laguna, who conducts and oversees the training and caring of the dogs. Paw Marks offers Basic and Advance Obedience Training, Behavior Modification, Board and Lodging for canine, Dog Breeding and Stud Service.

            Paw Marks specializes in Behavior Modification, being probably the only dog training center in Bacolod City that focuses on the behavioral training of the dogs.


Paul personally conducts the dog trainings himself, along with assistant trainers Jerry Hazards andDennisGarachico. Each of them trains an average of 8-10 dogs a month.

To help with the management of the board and lodging services, Paw Marks employs caretakers to be in-charge of the grooming, exercising and socializing of the dogs.

For the obedience training services, Paw Marks allots the last week of the dog’s stay to train the owners to become masters. In this session, called the “transition”, there is a turn-over of command from the Paw Marks trainer/s to the canine’s owner/s. Owners are taught how to handle their pets, so that the training will be properly maintained and the dogs will uphold its newly acquired behavior.

Dogs are socialized and are provided with exercise regularly. Adultdogs are fed twiceaday andpuppiesarefeethriceaday. Their grooming varies. Each dog isgroomedas often as necessary.


Agility Equipment– Theseare used betterhoneandstimulatethe physical and mental dispositionsofthe dogs. With agility training, dogs will develop stronger muscles, befit, improve coordination, and increase endurance― amongthemany other benefits of agility training for dogs.

Play Pens big/small – Thesepensareused for thedogs’ daily socialization, atime where dogs get to interact with one another. This routine I essential to a dog’s upbringing, which will prevent them from being afraid of people, experience and places that are new to them. With proper socialization, dogs will turn out to be stable and well-rounded dogs.

Nipa Huts – Visitorscansit, relax and enjoy watching the place send the dogs it housed from these huts.

Whelping cages – Pregnant dogs deliver their puppies in these cages. It is important to isolate pregnant dogs to protect them and their pups from contracting diseases and parasites that could harm her and her newborns, such as herpesvirus, which causes nasal drainage and innocuous vaginal sores in the mother dog but proves to be fatal to the newborn puppies.

Quarantine area – Dogs with health issuesaretuckedsafelyinthis section, preventing their disease from spreading to other dogs.

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