The CABACS Council and the Agriculture Society of the College of Arts and Sciences started the first phase of their Agri – Business Partnership Project, August 19. In order to mitigate the challenge of food scarcity and promote the concept of sustainability, the organizations thought of merging the courses’ expertise. CABACS governor Jessel V. NobleContinue reading “WHERE CARABAOS AND GRIFFINS MEET”


The UNO – R School of Agriculture and its Society welcomes the freshmen of the A.Y 2022 – 2023, August 15. “Why did you Choose Agriculture?” A simple question but hardly contemplated by Thirty freshies who braved their way by choosing Agriculture to pursue. Diversity of grounds in careers, goals and dreams were stated inContinue reading “FRESH START FOR FRESHIES”


UNO – R School of Agriculture together with it’s Society made their first Outreach program at Purok Libertad Dos, Brgy. Damsite, Municipality of Murcia, July 29. Despite the bad weather, students together with Doc. Paulino Oñal Jr. traveled to the outreach area to extend it’s Urban Gardening Community Challenge. Different Soil Medium, Proper Bagging andContinue reading “RAIN OR SHINE”


First year and Second year students of AgRecoletos finished their 240 hours PRACUM Farm Operation Practice, July 26. Certificates of completion was awarded to 29 AgRecoletos students for successfully completing the course. Dr. Paulino, Oñal Jr., Ph. D gave a talk on “Transformational Leadership and Developing Critical Thinking of UNOR Agri students through Research andContinue reading “SEAL OF COMMITMENT”

“Consensus and Convergence of Stakeholders for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability”

The University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos, School of Agriculture of the College of Arts and Sciences conducted a forum entitled “Consensus and Convergence of Stakeholders for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability” at the UNO-R Little Theater, July 20. Locally and Internationally known Resource Persons shared their knowledge and experiences to the AgRecoletos students and invitedContinue reading ““Consensus and Convergence of Stakeholders for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability””


Agrecoletos faculty, PRACUM13w and 23w students together with 5 ARCORES International Volunteers from Spain went to the University’s “Recoletos Eco Park” located in Purok Manihan, Barangay Bunga, Don Salvador Benedicto to visit and plant pineapple crowns. ARCORES International Staff Mely Flores discussed and explained the overview of the area and its proposed projects. Flores alsoContinue reading “CORONATION”

BAT Entrepreneurship Culmination Activity

Business Agriculture Technology Program of AgRecoletos held its Agri Entrepreneurship Culmination Activity at the Little Theater, June 30. Outstanding personalities from the AgriBusiness sector were the guest speakers who shared their success stories: Marlene Lamata, President of Rivson Group of Companies; Cherry R. Doromal, National Sales Manager of Commercial Feeds – Vitarich Feed Corporation; andContinue reading “BAT Entrepreneurship Culmination Activity”


Sixteen AgRecoletos students; 8 Ansci and 8 Cropsci Majors, marched and received their diplomas along with the other University college graduates during the 76th Commencement Exercises at the University Amphitheatre, June 19. Trihna Mondia from the AgRecoletos Class of 2022 was awarded Magna Cumlaude. Mondia also bagged Gold in the College of Arts and SciencesContinue reading “VICTORY SPECTRUM”

Start of PRACUM 2022

Face-to-face classes are back with UNO – R School of Agriculture PRACUM13W and PRACUM23W students. Sixteen freshmen, eight sophomores, and a brave soul from juniors started the 240 hours of practicum activities in the AgRecoletos field. The PRACUM23W started today, June 20, 2022, and will last until July 25, 2022. During the orientation, words ofContinue reading “Start of PRACUM 2022”

Double A Poultry Farm

The family that does business together stays close and enjoys financial freedom together. The poultry farm business of the Sevilleno family started in 1992, managed by both of their parents, who at that time started with breeder chicken. The business ran under contract with an Integrator, which they thought was easy and profitable until, inContinue reading “Double A Poultry Farm”